What We Do

The prevalence of poor mental health in our society is growing rapidly. We also know that therapy can be expensive and this a barrier for lots of people. Given that 1 in 8 people experience poor mental health it doesn’t feel right that therapy should only be available to those who can afford it.

The Olive Trust seeks to re-address this by providing a low cost, or in some cases, free counselling and psychotherapy service to the residents of Leicester and Leicestershire.

Our trained and qualified therapist provides a range of services to address various mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and trauma.

We can help with providing both short and long term support to help your emotional wellbeing. This is through 1:1 counselling and psychotherapy with the aim of helping you understand your thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as supporting you to process either past or current difficulties.

Our work is holistic, relational and collaborative. Our approach is person-centred at its core but we will also use other therapeutic modalities when working with clients to achieve the best possible outcome for them.

Working with other agencies, we can take referrals either from other professionals or directly from individuals who may choose to self-refer. If you’re from an agency or charity, please register with the Olive Trust to see how we can support your clients in collaboration.