Project Rest Reset

The Olive Trust is thrilled to partner with Rest Reset, a coaching service that works with you to achieve goals.

Project Rest Reset is The Olive Trust’s bid to get more men into talking.

We understand that there are barriers that men encounter when seeking help.

We want to break those barriers down and our way of doing that is offering a coaching service which can be less intimidating (but just as important) as accessing therapy and/or mental health services. 

This partner project is aimed at providing a space for men to explore the things that are important, whether that is a career, education choices, family life or the next big adventure.

This service can help you to….

Coaching is a supportive process for maximising potential, be it in your professional or personal life. Your coach will collaborate with you to set session goals, exploring new avenues and reflecting on past experiences to aid your progress. 

Together with your coach, you’ll tackle potential hurdles and work on strategies to gain clarity and achieve your desired objectives. 

The structured sessions will organise your thoughts, providing a nurturing space for reflection and empowering you to move forward with confidence.