The Olive Trust

Providing free/low cost counselling and psychotherapy to residents in Leicester and Leicestershire

I am not what happened to me,
I am what I choose to become

C. Jung

healing your Roots

Our counselling offers an invitation to delve into personal matters within a nurturing, secure, and trust-filled environment. It gently unravels the threads of life events, emotions, relationships, and thought patterns, striving to illuminate present challenges or lingering concerns from the past.

We extend a caring hand through our low-cost counselling service, tailored for individuals with modest or no incomes. This compassionate support is  facilitated by emerging counsellors under the attentive guidance of seasoned and compassionate in-house practitioners.

Be part of the solution

With nearly 50,000 individuals awaiting mental health services in Leicester as of December 2022, the escalation of poor mental health within our community is undeniable. It’s a stark reality that therapy often comes with a hefty price tag, posing a significant barrier for many. The notion that access to therapy should be contingent upon financial means feels inherently unjust.

Hence, we implore benefactors to support The Olive Trust in its endeavor to remedy this situation by offering funded counseling and psychotherapy services to Leicester and Leicestershire residents. Considering that each counseling session typically costs around £50, your regular monthly contribution enables us to strategically plan and sustain this invaluable service.

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If your business is looking to support a local charity based in Leicester, we’d be delighted to have you support The Olive Trust

I want to help as an individual

Donations from the general public is a lifeline for our service. However we still need your support to help sustain growing demand

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