The Olive Trust

Providing free/low cost counselling and psychotherapy to residents in Leicester and Leicestershire

"I am not what happened to me,
I am what I choose to become"

(C. Jung)

healing your Roots

We can help with providing both short and long term support to help your emotional wellbeing. This is through 1:1 counselling and psychotherapy with the aim of helping you understand your thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as supporting you to process either past or current difficulties.

Our work is holistic, relational and collaborative. Our approach is person-centred at its core but we will also use other therapeutic modalities when working with clients to achieve the best possible outcome for them.

"My experience of counselling has been 1) to be kind to myself and 2) it's okay to say no or feel low. Perhaps these things are obvious to others but for me after a great significant trauma I experienced, I lost sight of this and I'm pleased to say my therapist has helped me open the doors again for me"

Be part of the solution

With nearly 50,000 individuals awaiting mental health services in Leicester as of December 2022, the community’s mental health crisis is evident. The high cost of therapy creates a barrier for many, unfairly restricting access based on finances.

We urge supporters to aid The Olive Trust in providing funded counseling and psychotherapy services to Leicester and Leicestershire residents. Your monthly donation, given that each counseling session costs approximately £50, ensures the continuity of this vital service. Please click here to help us make a difference.

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Donations from the general public is a lifeline for our service. However we still need your support to help sustain growing demand

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