Meet The Team

Our therapists are registered members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), this is a guarantee that your therapist adheres to working within the BACP’s ethical framework.

With diverse backgrounds, our therapists contribute their unique expertise and life knowledge into their practice.

Through collaboration, whether it’s a brief or extended engagement, our therapists are committed to supporting you in making choices that foster positive transformations in your life.

Hannah Lacey

I am a humanistic and integrative trainee counsellor in my final year of a BSc (Hons) in Counselling and Psychotherapy. I strongly believe in the importance of a relational approach, with the therapeutic relationship at the heart of the work. This aligns with my belief that we are born into and develop in relationships, and we are harmed and healed through relationships, whether that be with ourselves or others. I am non-judgmental and empathetic; I value the unique human experience and am curious to understand the person in front of me from their perspective. Working together, we build a relationship where we explore thoughts, feelings and what is happening in the body to expand awareness and help make sense of your experience to help foster positive change. I wanted to work with The Olive Trust as their vision to offer free/low-cost inclusive counselling strongly aligns with my belief that everyone who wants therapy deserves to be able to access it. Valuing the opportunity of working face-to-face or online with clients from a welcoming environment, exploring a breadth of different issues, and helping clients develop their autonomy and awareness of what they want and need. In the future, I plan to explore more regarding body psychotherapy and incorporate this into my practice, and I will eventually look to complete a diploma in clinical supervision.

Helen Sharp

I have a 28-year background in Sales and Marketing with Luxury consumer brands and took the step to change career after years of realising that I wasn’t authentically fulfilling my ambitions. I am Crisis Line Volunteer and a Mental Health First Aider Trainer, delivering training online and in person. I have studied for the past 3 and chose to pursue a blended academic and practical route to Counselling and Psychotherapy. I intend to continue further study part time whilst pursuing a career in psychotherapy to expand my skills and knowledge once Qualified. My style is Integrated with a foundation of Relationship Based counselling. I have a passion for Gestalt and Creative work and wish to specialise in adult trauma. The reason I chose to apply for placement at The Olive Trust is that I strongly believe that therapy should be inclusive and not only available readily for those with financial privilege. I hope for a time that Mental Wellness is not dependant on Class or socio- economic factors, which is why TOT resonated so much with me. I would love to continue to do what I can for TOT for many years to come.

Kaseem Vindhani

I am the clinical lead at The Olive Trust. I have worked in the voluntary sector for many years and have lots of experience in supporting individuals, often with complex needs and in challenging circumstances. I am an Integrative therapist and work with people on a deeper level, to not only help them understand themselves but also to make changes that will help improve their wellbeing. I have a keen interest in working with trauma ( I am currently training to become a Trauma specialist) and the principles of trauma informed recovery firmly underpins my therapeutic practice.

Shannon Woolman

I'm the Lead Therapist here. With extensive experience in the mental health field, I specialise in Integrative Therapy. Over the years, I've supported individuals experiencing varying degrees of complexity going through challenges in life. I believe therapy can offer a safe haven with compassion and understanding. My approach to therapy is grounded with a deep respect for each individual's unique journey and it is a collaborative process to support clients through this in a holistic way.

Fiona Harris

I am a trainee Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist. I am studying at the University of Derby, working towards an MSc in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy and I specialise in Person Centred Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Attachment Theory. I am qualified to CPCAB Level 3 Counselling Studies and have a great deal of experience in working with young people, having been a teacher for 21 years. My particular interests include the mental health of young people, bereavement, and ACEs (adverse childhood experiences). I provide a person centred, safe, non-judgemental space for personal exploration. Additionally, I provide counselling and support to a county based CIC/wellness centre for young people and adults. My other volunteer roles include Chair of governors at her local Secondary School where I am also safeguarding governor. I have a passion for the arts and travel and believe in their benefits for maintaining good mental health. I have chosen to work with the Olive Trust as I I believe that everyone should be entitled to free or low-cost counselling and I like their holistic approach to working with clients. When I qualify, I would like to work as an Integrative therapist either in Private Practice or as an associate for the Olive Trust

Mirka Grohn

I am a trainee therapist based in Leicester. With a background in psychology, design, and business, I have always been deeply interested in understanding human behavior and helping others navigate life's challenges. Having studied psychology for a master's degree level, I have a thorough understanding and keen interest in psychological research and theories. However, it was during the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic that I felt a strong calling to contribute positively to people's mental well-being. Witnessing how individuals struggled with isolation and its psychological effects, I was moved to action. Drawing from my academic knowledge and fueled by a desire to make a meaningful impact, I decided to pursue training as a therapist. Focusing on relational psychotherapy, I offer an approach to therapy that emphasises the therapeutic relationship as a base for exploration, healing and personal growth. While I am still in training, I bring genuine empathy and a commitment to helping others navigate their personal journeys. Under the guidance of experienced therapists, I'm continually honing my skills and integrating evidence-based approaches to better serve my clients.

Sofia Elias

I am a trainee Humanistic and Integrative therapist in my final year of training at The Sherwood Institute of Psychotherapy. I work in a holistic, relational and collaborative way with my clients. I integrate therapeutic modalities to work with the diversity of each clients to achieve the best possible outcome for them. My background has been based in the charity sector. I have gained experience and training in supporting client groups such as young homeless people with complex needs, male victims of domestic abuse and delivering group facilitation to perpetrators of intimate partner abuse that supports behavioral change. During my training as a therapist I have worked with male victims of sexual abuse. I have chosen to join The Olive Trust as their ethos aligns with my own personal beliefs that everyone has the capacity for change and growth. I am committed to my ongoing development for the best interest of my clients. I aim to work as an associate for the practice later this year when I complete my training.

Juliette Sweeney

By facilitating a safe space, I see the therapy journey as a collaborative process where clients can experience self-growth and a greater sense of clarity. As a qualified Integrative psychotherapist, I utilise a combination of modalities based on client needs. My client work has included private practices alongside charitable services including housing support and women’s wellbeing. Having been a representative of various counselling teams, common issues that I have addressed with clients include anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma, and attachment wounds. I have a passion for supporting others on the path of finding freedom within themselves. There is always hope, no matter how hopeless we feel.

Zainab Master

I am trained as a Psychodynamic Counsellor. I enjoy working with a variety of clients, and have a particular interest in working with Women to assist them on their journey to become self-aware, confident individuals. I have previous experience of working with grief and trauma, amongst many other issues, and understand that mental health manifests in many forms - therefore I prioritise getting to my clients and working with them to navigate their story in a way that encompasses and celebrates their uniqueness. I embrace difference and diversity and welcome all forms into my work, with curiosity, acceptance and no judgement.