Our Approach

Counselling is an opportunity for an individual to discuss their difficulties in a safe and confidential environment. Counselling can be helpful if you are struggling with something, want to make changes or recognise that things just aren’t quite right.

With the support of one of our therapists, you can explore your thoughts and feelings and find new ways of thinking about things. We believe that the therapeutic relationship can empower you to make changes and find different ways to deal with your issues. Our therapists are trained to listen without judgement and will never tell you what to do.

We can help with the following:

Mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders and addiction.

Difficult and challenging life events such as bereavement, a health diagnosis, relationship breakdown or work stress.

Mood management- if you experience difficult emotions such as anger, frustration or sadness, We can help support you to make sense of this as well as teaching you techniques that can help manage your emotions.